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Ready to get access to everything you need to generate leads, convert them to sales with targeted follow, and more?

Get Leads From Every Channel, IN ONE PLACE!

  • Pull in Leads From Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Pull In Leads From Web-Chat, Easily Installed On Your Existing Website...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Inbound Calls And Text Messages, NOT Sent To Your Persona Phone Number... And Follow Up With Them Automatically!

  • Get Leads Directly From Facebook Lead Forms, TikTok Ads, Google Ads & More ...And Follow Up With Them Automatically!


Stop sending your traffic to a website that gives too many options, and isn't designed to convert! Get more leads from your existing traffic by driving them to an offer-specific landing page to capture every lead!


Your account comes pre-loaded with my multi-step, multi-channel campaigns with pre-written copy templates! They are ready to be sent manually at any time or are fully automated based on the actions your leads take! No complicated tech setup required!

Here Are Just A Few Ways Pipeline Patriot Can Help You Get More Leads and Close More Sales!

  • If someone starts to take the next step, schedule a call, or place an order, but doesn't finish, my pre-built automations will send them a text, email and remind them over the course of the next few days, as well as alert you and your team so you can follow up and get them to the next step!

  • Built in calendars for individuals and sales team, allowing your leads to self schedule their discovery call, initial appointment or estimates with ease, reducing the follow up time required for you and your staff!

  • If a lead, prospect or new buyer has questions, concerns or is having trouble moving forward, you can have and a two-way text conversation, making it easy to get them the information they need and you to salvage the lead!

  • Convert Facebook or Instagram DMs into leads even easier by pulling in their name, email and phone number and following up with them in any format, or in DMs, without having to log in to the social platforms!

  • If you get an opt in from a lead form or for a lead magnet, my pre-built, automated campaigns will reach out to them automatically over the course of several days and direct them to your calendar, sales page or checkout page!

  • If someone opts in for your new client offer but doesn't schedule or take the next step, you'll be notified, and they'll be followed up with in multi-channel sequences, helping you move them forward, or close them right there in text, email or DMs, all from one easy to use inbox!

  • Never again have to check facebook, instagram, your company voicemail, personal cell phone, text messages, email inbox, google my business or any other communication channel, get all of your lead and client communications in one easy to see place that saves you time and makes sure nothing slips through the cracks!

Everything You'll Get In Your PRE-LOADED Pipeline Patriot Account

  • 5+ Pre-Built Funnels For Front End Offers, Back End Offers and Customer Value Optimization

  • 20+ Pre-Built automations

  • Pre-Built Pipeline with Custom Stages To Match Your Funnels or Sales Process

  • All the necessary email and sms follow up communications

  • All necessary calendars & booking pages

  • All necessary checkout pages

  • Conversions API tracking for accurate facebook & Instagram ad analytics

  • Custom values to make updating the content fast & easy

  • In-depth video trainings on how to use each feature

  • Access to the pipeline patriot marketplace for strategy specific funnels & campaigns, ad campaigns, and other lead generation resources (Coming soon!)


  • My full Recruitment system: Complete with a hiring funnel and 8+ automations and custom hiring pipeline to automate the hiring process and make it a breeze ($1997 value)

  • My onboarding System: Complete with Onboarding funnel & 6+ workflows to make onboarding your clients fast & simple ($997 Value)

  • The 72 Hour Cash Surge System: Complete with Funnel with pre-written campaigns and automations to drive more sales from a special flash sale offer ($997 Value)

  • Facebook Ads for Small Business Course: Includes Facebook Page Basics, Facebook Ads Basics and Advanced Facebook Ad Strategies for beginner all the way through advanced. If you're looking to generate more leads with facebook & instagram, this course is for you! (Worth $997)

  • System Setup & Use Course: Understand This System In The Most In Depth Way Possible On Top of 24/7 Support Access (Worth $497)

  • Organic Growth Quickstart Course: Learn how to generate leads & sales for your business with little to no ad spend required! Get more clients fast. (Worth $497)

  • Social & Content Marketing Course: Understand the basics of Social Media Marketing, Develop a Social Media Strategy, and Develop a content strategy for blogging, SEO, email and more! (Worth $997)

  • Video Marketing Course: Learn how to record simple yet effective video content for social media and digital ads (Worth $497)

  • The New Lead Follow Up Campaign: Introduces your new prospects to your business with an email series that puts your best foot forward. (Worth $497)

  • The Know, Like & Trust Campaign: Start your new-lead relationship on the right foot with a mini-series of emails letting them know exactly why they should stay engaged with your ever-valuable content. (Worth $497)

  • The Net Promoter Score Survey campaign: This campaign allows you to determine the satisfaction of your customers. This will also help you serve your customers better.

    (Worth $497)

  • Reactivation campaign: This campaign helps you to get more bookings and sales from your leads and clients in record time by introducing them to a new offer over the course of several days (Worth $497)

  • Referral Request Campaign: Enroll or sign up new customers/clients at higher fees with less resistance because they came to you through a happy customer vs. the typical prospect (Worth $297)

  • Google review campaign to get 10-100+ google reviews from your existing clients fast

    (Worth $197)

  • The New Customer Welcome: This campaign tells them what to expect and how to make the most out of being a customer of yours. (Worth $297)

  • Weekly Office Hours Calls in addition to 24/7 support (PRICELESS)

  • Access to Pipeline Patriot Marketplace (Coming Soon) For Exclusive Campaigns, Funnels and Lead Generation Strategy Systems To Add To Your Account At The Lowest Price! (PRICELESS)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,949+ (REALLY... NOT Exaggerating)

REPLACE OVER $1,000+ Per Month of software, and simplify the process of managing it!

Pipeline Patriot isn't just going to give you over $20,000 in funnels, automations and pre-written campaigns (Yes, if you were to have a professional marketer, funnel builder, automation specialist and copy writer build everything you'll get inside your account, you could easily spend that)...

You're ALSO saving hundreds of dollars per month on the tools you're likely already paying for.

You're wasting even more if you're paying for the software and not actually using it, because connecting it all together and making it work for your business is too complex...

If you're not yet paying for these tools, then you're losing money in opportunity costs each and every day, but that's another story...

A funnel builder is anywhere from $100 - $297 per month alone.

Then take a look at what an email system costs. You could be spending anywhere from $100 - $200 for an average size list, but the larger your list grows, it gets more expensive, some easily costing up to $500 per month if you focus on list building.

Something like Podium or intercom for webchat can cost anywhere from $100 - $300 per month on average.

Then, consider messenger apps like ManyChat, TextMagic or other sms platforms (some of which are only one way communication, you could be spending another $100 per month, again, assuming your list isn't very large.

Then we've got Calendly or Acuity, Zapier, Wistia or Vimeo for courses, and you've got another $150+ per month (if not significantly more)...

If you're REALLY focused on marketing and you're paying for an ad & attribution tracking progarm like Hyros, that's another $300 per month.

And if you're using wordpress for blogs, reputation and review management software, or Google my Business and Local SEO Tools, lets throw in another $200 per month...

All in all, you could EASILY be spending $1000 per month, barely using any of the features because it's so overwhelming and confusing, and missing the core benefit of having all of your data centralized, preventing you from getting the key insights you should be able to find, allowing you to improve your marketing and sales process.

But with Pipeline Patriot, you'll spend $297 per month, your list size will never impact your monthly cost, and you'll ACTUALLY use it, finally getting the RETURN ON INVESTMENT you've never been able to get with the other disjointed piece-meal system detailed above.

The truth is, you're probably thinking about your software costs as an expensive, because up until now, that's what it's been. But that's NOT what it should be.

Find the increase in sales, revenue and profit you've been looking for when you switch to Pipeline Patriot, and save $700+ per month in the process!

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